Photograph courtesy of Edwina Sassoon

Photograph courtesy of Edwina Sassoon

Cindy Polemis is an art historian and an independent lecturer and tour guide. She has a B.A in History from Oxford University  and as a mature student she graduated from Birkbeck College, London University with a B.A  and then M.A.  in History of Art. She spent many years as a radio producer and presenter for BBC World Service. Since 2016 she has been an official guide at Tate Modern and Tate Britain and has lectured independently and has recently been appointed visual arts correspondent for Standpoint Magazine. Cindy has accumulated a wide range of art historical knowledge and loves to share her passion and enthusiasm for art with her audience. Cindy is also a keen cook and gardener and incorporates these interests in her tours.


Bespoke Art Tours

Cindy can curate private bespoke art tours in public and private galleries and special exhibitions throughout London and beyond. She works with  clients directly in a personal and engaging way to suit their interests. She is also happy to structure art tours which are tailor made for younger audiences. Her aim is to bring every art work alive with extensive historical  and anecdotal  knowledge. Some of her recent tours have included 'The Disruptive Power of Art' examining a selection of works in the permanent collection of Tate Modern; 'From Plate to Palette': the depiction and symbolism of food in art;  and 'Painting in a Man's World': how female artists  have struggled to make their mark through history. Duration of tours can be from 2 hours to  all day. She is also a keen cook and sour dough bread baker who has extensive knowledge of the artisan food culture in London. She conducts food tours throughout the capital. Her other passion is gardening and garden history. Cindy can also be contacted as one of the team of expert guides at Context Travel

Lectures Talks and Articles

  • Gauguin and the Search for the 'Primitive Other

  • Chardin's Still Lifes and the Cutural Accoutrements of the Table

  • The Energy of Exile: French Impressionists in London

  • Feral London: Cityscape and Life in the 19th Century

  • The Stories of Art: A Young Person’s Tour of the National Gallery

  • 1932: Picasso's 'Year of Wonders'

  • Art After 1945: The Creation of a New Visual language

  • Depictions of Class in British Art

  • Standpoint Magazine, Gerhard Richter:The Art of Seeing and Looking Away, 18/09/2019,

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