Picasso 1932-Love Fame Tragedy at Tate Modern

What a wonderful show this is. Energy and inventiveness bursts out of every room. Here is an image of his muse and lover Marie Therese Walter, as if tightly squeezed into a sardine tin. It was done on the back of an opened up envelope, precisely dated  19th June, 1932


Swimmer, June 1932. Marie Therese Walter was a strong swimmer. Picasso, on the other hand, did not even know how to swim. 


Paulo, Pablo Picasso's only legitimate child with his first wife, the ballet dancer, Olga Khokhlova.

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Girl in a Chemise, 1905. Waif-like,sensual,deathly,gorgeous.

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Bust of a Woman, 1931

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Rest, January 22, 1932. Picasso re-inventing his Cubism with vibrant, practically psychotic  patterns. Even the wallpaper background reminds us of his early collages.


The Crucifixion, Tuesday October 4th, 1932. Using such minimal, restrained strokes, an image of abject misery and pain emerges.